5 Idiots (2011)

Year: 2011
Directed by: Master Anand
Starring: Vasu, Naveen Krishna, Master Anand, Petrol Prasanna, Harshika Poonacha, Namratha Hegde, Navyashree, Tennis Krishna, Bank Janardhan

5 Idiots is a comedy movie about 5 friends from different backgrounds.

Vasu is a software engineer whose father used to be a watchman in a company. Vasu has just got a job in a big company and his family is excited about the change in their fortunes.

Naveen has come to Bengaluru to study but instead of living with his uncle spends his time with his friends drinking. He only goes to meet his uncle when he has to collect his monthly allowance sent by his father. In front of his uncle, he pretends to be a religious and decent hardworking student.

Asif is a mechanic at a garage but keeps taking the cars that come for repair there and goes loafing with girls. He keeps getting into trouble with his boss about this.

Anand is also a similar character with no real ambitions in life.

All of them are big fans of Namratha the 5th friend . But she is only interested in Vasu who does not respond because he is more worried about bringing up his poor family.

With this setting, the friends get into comedy and serious situations including romance.