A 2nd Hand Lover (2015)

Year: 2015
Directed by: Raghav Marasur
Starring: Ajay Rao,
Anisha Ambrose, Pranitha Subhash, Sadhu Kokila, Ramakrishna, Padmaja Rao

Ajay has big dreams of becoming a rock star. His rich father is always worried about him and concerned for his safety because of a tragedy that had happened recently to Ajay. So if Ajay is missing even for a few hours he gets panicked. In this situation Ajay tells his father that he wants to go to Bengaluru with his friends to take part in a rock band contest and hopes he will win it so that he can boost his career ambitions. Though his father initially refuses to let him go, he finally agrees under the condition that Ajay and his friends will stay at a family friend’s apartment. After reaching Bengaluru, Ajay accidentally meets Anjali who is a romantic and keeps dreaming of her perfect future boyfriend. While dreaming like this one day while walking she kicks a Coke can which breaks the mirror of Ajay’s car. Scared that he will shout at her, Anjali pretends to be a blind girl and escapes out that of situation after Ajay feels sorry for her. But he meets her in a mall where he discovers that she had been acting. From here and after a few more meetings their friendship grows. But Ajay has a tragedy that is related to love and relationships and this comes in the way of a relationship with Anjali.