Abhimanyu (1990)

Year: 1990
Directed by: Ravi Raja
Starring: Ravichandran, Anant Nag, Sudharani, Seetha, Rami Reddy, Doddanna

Gopalakrishna (Anant Nag) is a retired school teacher who is now a famous politician. His party has won the elctions because of his fame. He offers the CM post to Veerabhadrayya but the party members oppose it and insist that he only becomes the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Veerabhadrayya is unhappy with the Home Minister position that he gets but keeps quiet because Gopalakrishna trusts him fully and doesn’t know that he is actually very corrupt and works for a notorious businessman who operates all types of illegal rackets called Yellappa. In the middle of this crisis for Yellappa and Veerabhadrayya, they get news that the opposition candidate from Veera’s constituency has got proof that Veera cheated in the elections and is going to put a court case against him. To prevent this from happening, Veera hires Spot Naga a dreaded gangster to murder him and also bribes the judge and police to dismiss the case. Veera and Spot Naga become partners after this and together begin to rule the whole city. As a result of this, law and order is broken down and everywhere corruption rules. Into this situation comes a new police officer posted at the Sadashivanagar branch, Abhimanyu (Ravichandran). He goes after Spot Naga’s boys and so builds up enmity with him. Meanwhile, Gopalakrishna is not aware of what all is happening in his own ministry and will soon find himself under threat from Veera and his rowdy friends.