Adyaksha (2014)

Year: 2014
Directed by: Nanda Kishore
Starring: Sharan, Chikkanna, Hebah Patel, Asmita Sood, Ravi Shankar

Sharan and Chikkanna star in this 2014 comedy. The two are best friends and run a group called Chi Thu Sangha which has a good reputation among the locals and with the police. Ravi Shankar is a powerful man who wants to force his daughter Hebah Patel to get married. She has in the meantime become friends with Sharan and helps to give messages to his love interest played by Asmita Sood who is a teacher.

Sharan and Chikkanna force Ravi Shankar to stop his daughter’s wedding and as a result, Hebah falls in love with Sharan. She however does not share her love with him and continues to pretend to be helping him win over Asmita. How this love triangle unfolds forms the rest of this comedy.