Ambara (2013)

Year: 2013
Directed by: Sen Prakash
Starring: Yogesh, Bhama, Harish Raj, Sudha Belawadi, Sadhu Kokila

Ambara opens in Rishikesh where a young woman stands near a bridge and suddenly jumps into the river below. A group of rishis walking by see this and start shouting for help. Yogesh who is walking along the bridge immediately jumps into the river without thinking twice and saves the woman. After pumping the water out of her stomach, he turns her face and realizes it is someone he knows and is shocked. The flashback takes us to his college in Bellary where new students have just joined. Yogesh is in his final year and a group of rowdy seniors are ragging freshers. They especially target the junior girls with cheap ragging methods and when one of the girls falls down, Bhama who is passing by comes to help her. The senior passes a cheap comment for which she tries to slap him. Just when the senior is about to attack her, Yogesh who is driving to college beats up all the rowdies and saves Bhama. She is impressed and later in the evening notices him in her bus.

While walking back home, Yogesh sees that she lives in his area and begins to fall in love with her. Bhama is a dancer and the next morning goes to college riding on a man’s bike. Yogesh who was waiting outside her house is shocked and feels bad that she already has a boyfriend as by now he has decided she is his true love. How this romance pans out forms the rest of the movie.