Ambi (2006)

Year: 2006
Directed by: V. Nagendra Prasad
Starring: Aditya, Manya, Duniya Vijay, Shobhraj, Bullet Prakash, Kishore

Ambi also stars Duniya Vijay in a small role before he became famous.

Ambi works as a tea-boy delivering tea to a local police station and other spots. His mother is a construction laborer and he has a baby sister. He saves all the tips he gets so that some day he can make his mother happy.

One day, the Inspector at the station tells him to go to his house to help with some whitewashing work. When Ambi does not return late at night, his mother gets worried and goes searching for him to the police station. The Inspector is drunk and rapes her and then keeps her in custody for two days. By the time she goes back home, her baby daughter who was locked alone inside the house is dead. Depressed about this she commits suicide. Ambi swears to take revenge and kills the Inspector on the road while he is shopping.

An underworld criminal who is passing by at that time, Annaji, is impressed with Ambi and adopts him as his own son. From there Ambi becomes a dreaded gangster whom the police are not able to get any clue about.