Andhagara (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Jayakumar
Starring: Nandish, Naveen Thirthahalli, Harish Gunger, Manjula

Andhagara is a thriller movie and is about Raghuram who is a music director. He suffers from a medical problem which causes him to be blind at night. Raguram’s parents are going to Mangaluru to attend a function and all the mystery happens when Raghuram is alone at home that night.

IT raids are being conducted in Bengaluru and producers are being targeted. One of them, GKP is Raghuram’s father’s friend and asks him to come home and pick up a bag containing black money and documents to all his properties. He trusts only Raghu’s father and asks him to keep it in his custody until the raids are over. Since they were on the way to the airport when GKP called, they ask their driver Gopala to take it home to Raghu. Gopala is the same age as Raghu and has been with them for many years and they trust him fully. Gopala is supposed to stay overnight with Raghu as a help but suddenly gets a call from his sister saying their mother’s heart condition has worsened. Raghu tells Gopala to go home and that he will manage on his own. He goes to a safe of his and takes out some money to give Gopala but Gopala sees it is filled with a lot of money. This makes him greedy and angry and he wants to steal some of it. Late that night after Gopala has left, some strangers in masks begin entering the house while Raghu is having a bath….