Avva (2008) w.Subtitles

Year: 2008
Directed by: Kavitha Lankesh
Starring: Shruti, Duniya Vijay, Niveditha, Rangayana Raghu, Master Rakesh, Yenagi Nataraj

Directed by Kavitha Lankesh and based on the novel “Mussanjeya Kathaprasanga” by her father P. Lankesh.

Rangavva (Shruti) is a widow who lives alone in a village with her daughter Savanthri (Niveditha). Rangavva gives money as loan to the villagers and lives on the interest she collects. But collection is usually a problem especially when she is dealing with men who try all kinds of techniques to scare her or please her. But she is smart and knows all their games and doesn’t hesitate to abuse them or fight back until she gets the money they owe her. But still when they talk about her caste and her daughter she feels bad especially about being a widow and woman in a male dominated society.

Savanthri likes Manja (Vijay) and the two try to spend time together whenever possible. Manja is a little scared of Rangavva and tries different ways to impress and please her. Though Rangavva is rough and tough on the outside, she loves her daughter and care for her well being. Into this life is introduced village politics and caste problems as the family deals with different issues.

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