Ayana (2017)

Year: 2017
Directed by: Gangadhar Salimath
Starring: Deepak Subramanya, Apoorva Soma, Ramesh Bhat, Harsha HS, Karthik A, Goutham Shashidhar, Nayshree Karkone, Moksha K, Vedashree Rao

Aditya is a techie who is facing a crisis in his life. He takes his bike and goes on a long ride alone to think about the last few years and his experiences with love, work and relationships. We see in flashback the last five years of his life.

Aditya and his 4 friends were bachelor techies who moved into a new house and decided to celebrate it with a trip to Goa. On the way they meet some girls whose car has broken down. After helping to fix the car, the friends reach Goa where they once again bump into the same girls one night. The group hangs out together and has a good time but this trip to Goa becomes the last time they all led the life they were leading and one by one their lives change in different ways…