Ayogya (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: S Mahesh Kumar
Starring: Sathish Ninasam, Rachita Ram, Ravi Shankar, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Chikkanna, Kuri Prathap

Bacche Gowda is the Panchayat President of a small village in Mandya from many years. No one dares to stand against him and winning is impossible against him. He rules the village and does not even do basic works for the benefit of the villagers. While driving through the village one day campaigning for the elections, he meets a young boy Sidda’s mother who argues with him about building a gutter in front of her house to prevent diseases spreading. Bacche gets angry and slaps her. Seeing this, Sidda gets angry and vows to take revenge. He goes to file his nomination papers but at the office everyone laughs at him and throws him out. He grows up and promises to become the Panchayat President and work for the villagers while also defeating Bacche Gowda.

Sidda’s mother does not approve of his political ambitions and prefers him to get a job and get married instead of just loafing around with his friends. She tries to find a girl through a marriage broker but they find it difficult because Sidda is unemployed. At this point, Sidda bumps into Nandini and falls in love. The rest of the movie is about Sidda’s plans of revenge and whether Nandini will accept him for who he is.