Bala Navika (2002)


Directed by: Shivaji Rao Watker
Starring: Ramesh Bhat, Sneha, Bank Janardhan, Biradar

Bala Navika is set in a small village with different characters. Ramesh Bhat is a drunkard and has three children. His wife works as a maid servant in a politician’s house. The politician has an eye on her and keeps trying to get her but she refuses. Though Ramesh is a useless husband, she is proud that he doesn’t go after other women. Ramesh doesn’t do anything to earn money and instead steals his wife’s earnings and uses it for drinking or for feeding other people who are hungry and ask him for food.

The effect of alcohol on a person and his family and surroundings is shown here. There are also other interesting characters who get involved in the family.