Bengaluru Underworld (2017)

Year: 2017
Directed by: P. N. Sathya
Starring: Aditya, Paayal Radhakrishna, Daniel Balaji, Rajhvardhan

Bengaluru is being run by Acid Babu and his brother Petrol and the police are not able to control their illegal activities. Into this scene enters Maalik from Bellary. He arrives at Majestic and sits to eat bun tea at a local tea shop. Just then, Acid Babu and his gang come there and beat up some rowdies. During the attack, Maalik does not care and keeps eating his bun. A child kidnapper is sitting next to him and is impressed with his attitude and Maalik stays with him. The next day he spots a rich jewelry shop owner’s daughter and comes up with a cunning plan to make the father think his daughter has been kidnapped. He takes a ransom of 5 lakhs from the father and hires some rowdies to attack Acid Babu. In front of Babu, Maalik acts like his savior and impresses Babu who invites him to join his gang. Maalik agrees but on one condition. He should get 50 per cent of their deals. Babu agrees and they start working together. But this makes Babu’s old gang members angry especially because Maalik hit some of them….