Benkipatna (2015)


Directed by: T K Dayanand
Starring: Prathap Narayan, Anushree, Arun Sagar, Prakash Belawadi, Jahangir, Rangashankara Manju, B Suresh, Shwetha Srinivas

Scent Hanumanthu (Prathap Narayan) was brought up by his mother alone after she lost her husband early. He is not very clever about the world and does whatever he’s told. He likes a girl in his village Pani (Anushree). Pani works in Limbaram’s factory and she is the bravest worker and not scared of the supervisor there. She also likes to play pranks on people and is popular among her friends.

The market in the village was built on land owned by Siddanna’s father. Siddanna has a monopoly on the transport and allows only his lorries to be used in the market. When the shop owners led by Limbaram revolt against him, Siddanna is upset and threatens everyone.

Suddenly one day, murders happen in the village…