Bindas Hudugi (2010)


Directed by: Priya Hassan
Starring: Priya Hassan, Jayanthi, Sharan, Ravishankar, Girija Lokesh, Ninasam Ashwath

A group of corrupt politicians and government officers are depressed and drinking together because they have received a tip that their houses are going to be raided the next morning. Together they have a total of 200 crores black money which they don’t have any safe place to hide in. One of them suggests an idea. His worker is a stupid person who only does whatever he is told. So they secretly load their black money into a van and tell him to keep driving around the city until they ask him to return.

Priya is a conwoman who takes on any role including that of a police officer to cheat people and even criminals of money. Once while she is looting an ATM she meets Sharan who is a petty thief and she cheats him also.

Meanwhile, the driver of the van goes missing causing the corrupt group to panic. They are desperate to locate him and want Priya to help them….