Bombaat (2008)

Year: 2008
Directed by: D Rajendra Babu
Starring: Ganesh, Ramya, Vinaya Prasad, Avinash, Rahul Dev

Ramya has just finished an MBA degree from a university in Austria. She decides to come back to Bengaluru and stay with her father Avinash who is the Commissioner of Police. On the way from the airport she sees some Ayyappa Swami devotees being beaten up by Ganesh. Though she was initially impressed by the progress of Bengaluru she is disappointed and angry that rowdies are roaming freely in the city. After she leaves it is seen that they were fake devotees and actually carrying guns with them and had criminal plans.

After a few days she sees Ganesh again beating up a man at a restaurant where she had taken some beggar children for a lunch treat. She starts recording him on her phone and he observes this and later keeps thinking of her when he goes home. Ganesh has his own gang of friends and they take action against criminals whenever they get such information. His mother Vinaya Prasad is sick and depressed and under his care. Ramya is disgusted with her father when she keeps bumping into Ganesh in different places and always in rowdy activities. Finally she convinces her father to take action and Ganesh is arrested. Avinash has actually arrested Ganesh just to make her happy and is already aware of his activities and approves of them.

Later because of certain circumstances Avinash has to take the help of Ganesh to protect his daughter from a notorious criminal played by Rahul Dev…