Buddhivantha (2008)

Year: 2008
Directed by: Ramanath
Starring: Upendra, Pooja Gandhi, Suman Ranganathan, Lakshmi, Brinda Parekh, Saloni Aswani, Natanya Singh, Sridhar, Bank Janardhan

The Police are in total confusion because many parents and brothers of young women have come to them complaining about a cheater. He wears different disguises and speaks many languages and cons young girls by pretending to be somebody different and after getting married to them runs away with their gold and money. But what has confused the police is that all the cases are about the same person whom they’ve identified as Panchamrutha (Upendra). They try to locate him but he keeps escaping their grasp. Finally after meeting with an accident, Panchamrutha is arrested and produced before the court.

Lakshmi is the judge for the case and her daughter, Pooja who is studying law also knows Panchamrutha though he acts like he has never seen her before when she confronts him. Panchamrutha is very intelligent and has a talent of speaking till people get a headache. Lakshmi tries to be an honest judge as Panchamrutha starts arguing his case using logic and clever confusing words to claim innocence against all the women who have come to accuse him of cheating…