Buguri (2015)

Year: 2015
Directed by: M. D. Sridhar
Starring: Ganesh, Erica Fernandes, Richa Panai, Sadhu Kokila

Krishna (Ganesh) is a successful app developer. He has created an app that will charge the battery of a mobile phone whenever you say Hello to it 🙂 His company has been running for 5 years and a new landmark has been achieved with the introduction of his app into mobiles that are not smartphones at the manufacturing stage itself. Now that he has achieved success his family convinces him to get married to a family friend’s daughter Ishanya (Erica) who has just finished her medical studies. Krishna agrees and the two get engaged.

One day, while the two are having fun they come to the top of a building and Ishanya says they should shout the name of the person closest to their heart and hear the echo. She calls out his name but while shouting her name, Krishna accidentally shouts the name of Nandini (Richa). Ishanya is upset and demands to know who Nandini is. In a flashback we are shown how Krishna and Nandini met during their college days when he saved her when she was attacked by criminals while withdrawing money from an ATM. The two got closer after joining the same engineering college. But something happened between the two which led to Krishna leading a single life and putting all his efforts into the development of his app. The rest of the movie revolves around how these complications are tackled and resolved.