Chambal (2019)

Directed by: Jacob Vargheese
Starring: Sathish Ninasam, Sonu Gowda, Roger Narayan, Sardar Sathya, Mahantesh Ramdurg, Pawan Kumar, Achyuth Kumar, Girija Lokesh

Subhash (Satish Ninasam) is a young boy who grows up hearing stories of good and evil. When he hears the story of Mahabali he is confused about goodness not being rewarded. He grows up believing that it is possible to be good in a corrupt world and to be rewarded and therefore chooses to become an IAS officer. As an IAS officer, Subhash is feared by the corrupt as he does not hesitate to take on rich businessmen and politicians.

Subhash lives with his wife (Sonu Gowda) in the city and often visits his village to meet his mother. She is happy in the village and doesn’t want to move to the city. In the meantime, Subhash’s attitude to corruption and injustice causes him to have many enemies who plot to try and create his downfall…