Chemistry of Kariyappa (2019)


Directed by: Kumar
Starring: Tabla Nani, Chandan Achar, Sanjana Anand, Apoorva, Rockline Sudhakar, Suchendra Prasad

Kariyappa (Tabla Nani) is a BWSSB employee in Bengaluru living with his wife and 30 year-old son Uttara (Chandan). The family are very close-knit but also worried about Uttara not being married despite reaching 30 years age. Kariyappa and his wife are active on Facebook and social media and make dubsmash videos hoping that someone will notice and bring a proposal for Uttara. They try brokers and visit many girls but either Uttara gets rejected or the girls are not suitable in any way.

Uttara is also slowly getting desperate and feels lonely because all his friends are married and don’t have time to spend with him. One day while having an argument with his parents, Uttara gets a call from a cellular agent, Chitra (Sanjana). He shouts at her but later feels bad and calls her back. To make her happy, he changes his cell service to her company and even tries to get his parents to change. Chitra is still studying and new in her job and feels Uttara is lucky for her because she gets many deals after his call. The two decide to meet and their friendship grows. But lots of complications are waiting for the couple and family…