Chingari (2012) w.Subs

Year: 2012
Directed by: Harsha
Starring: Darshan, Deepika Kamaiah, Bhavana Ramanna, Srujan Lokesh, Pradeep Bogadi

Parashuram (Darshan) is a tough cop who Deepika was in love with. Her brother was a drug addict and was one day found killed. Deepika comes to know that Parashuram is a policeman and blames him for her brother’s death. To get over the depression of her brother, she goes to Europe with her friend. There they meet a Kannadiga who becomes friends with them. But this person is actually dealing in human trafficking and the girls suddenly go missing one day. It is now up to Parashuram to break the international human trafficking network and also save Deepika. Meanwhile, he also gets into a relationship with a foreigner (Bhavana) who helps him get entry to the trafficking bosses.