Chitte (2018)

Directed by: M L Prasanna
Starring: Yashas Surya, Harshika Poonacha, Deepika, BM Giriraj Spl Appearance: Priyanka Jain

Sona (Harshika) and Manu (Yashas) are a young couple in love and have been recently married. After their honeymoon they return and are on the lookout for a new house to stay. Manu finds a big house that he likes and they shift in immediately. The first few days are spent enjoying the new house and newly married life. Then Manu returns to office where there is a lot of pending work which his team has not completed while he was away. In the middle of this office tension, Sona suddenly wakes up one night and walks into the garden and stands in front of a rose plant. Manu follows her and takes her back inside, but the next morning, she has no memory of the incident. This is just the beginning of many strange things that happen in the house and to the couple…