Crazy Loka (2012)

Year: 2012
Directed by: Kavitha Lankesh
Starring: Ravichandran, Bharathi, Daisy Bopanna, Harshika Poonacha, Suriya, Avinash, Ninasam Ashwath Spl Appearance: Ramya

Basavaraj is a rich and successful businessman who is also known for doing charity works. He is honored with a doctorate given by Mysore University for his contributions to society. During the function, Basavaraj is humble about the recognition and instead talks about his poor origins. But one of his rivals sitting there is jealous that an SSLC fail like Basavaraj has been given a doctorate but an educated man like him has been ignored. During the party, he approaches Basavaraj and insults him about not being educated and challenges him to go back to college and get a PUC certificate.

That night Basavaraj thinks about what was said at the party and makes a decision. The next day he calls his friend who runs a college and asks him to give him a seat there because he wants to study again. He also goes and meets his rival and gives him the documents to two of his factories and says that he has accepted the challenge and will come back to collect the files only if he passes out of college.

The only problem is Basavaraj’s son also studies in the same college ….