Crime Story (2004)

Directed by: B R Keshav
Starring: Devaraj, Shobhraj, Monisha Sagar, Jayabalu

Prathap (Devaraj) is a police officer who is famous for his encounter killings of rowdies and other criminals. He takes risky decisions but most of the time he is successful. When the Home Minister’s daughter is kidnapped, Prathap and his team rescue her and kill the kidnappers. They are able to identify three of the bodies but the fourth kidnapper is a mystery and Prathap and his team start looking for clues about his identity.

Prathap has a network of informers and is also in touch with underworld dons including a notorious Shetty who is his main target though they keep chatting on the phone. Meanwhile, a reporter lady is trying very hard for an interview with Prathap who is known for avoiding the press and publicity…