Dandupalya 3 (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Srinivasa Raju
Starring: Pooja Gandhi, Ravi Shankar, Makarand Deshpande, Sanjjanaa, Shruti, Ravi Kale

The third part in the Dandupalya series about the notorious Dandupalya gang who terrorized people. In this third part we see Police Officer Chalapathi’s (Ravi Shankar) version. The journalists and media sympathized with the gang and believed they were framed by the police and blamed for crimes they did not commit.

So in the beginning of the movie we see Chalapathi telling the gang members to accept whatever rapes, murders and robberies the police will accuse them of. They are then taken to the places where the crimes were committed and told to act how they did the crimes in front of reporters and TV cameras. But this is the version of the media especially a journalist (Shruti) who has written a big story criticizing the police and courts and calling them corrupt.

Chalapathi gets angry with the journalist and tells her that all the information collected by her in her interview with the gang is false and they have been acting innocent with her because they are all psychos and are criminals from birth. He explains how there is some problem in their system itself from birth and takes her to meet them again and tries to show her how they are really psychos.