Dhwaja (2018)


Directed by: Ashok Kashyap
Starring: Ravi, Priyamani, Divya Uruduga, Veena Sundar, Tabla Nani

Subbanna is a mute political party worker who is loyal to his party. Due to his disability, he is not able to rise up to higher positions but is respected by the party leader. Subbanna’s wife delivers twins and the party leader names one of them Dhwaja and says he will one day work for the party. The other boy is called Janardhan and Subbanna dedicates himself to making sure Dhwaja is always involved in politics and speeches. When Dhwaja is still a young boy, Subbanna protests outside a factory using poisonous chemicals and sets himself on fire and dies.

Years later, Dhwaja grows up to become the youth president of his party. Ramya (Priyamani) belongs to the rival party and Dhwaja and she have known each other from childhood. Janardhan meanwhile grows up to become a college lecturer and a peace loving person unlike his twin brother. Into this mix comes an egg seller Mahalakshmi (Divya Uruduga). One day Mahalakshmi’s eggs are accidentally broken by Dhwaja. She chases after him and meets Janardhan instead, whom she mistakes for Dhwaja…