DK (2015)

Year: 2015
Directed by: Vijay
Starring: Prem, Chaitra Chandranath, Rishikumara Swamy, Sharath Lohitashwa, Shobhraj Spl Appearance: Sunny Leone

Shive Gowda meets a Swami Nityananda look alike and is told that his political career will take off if he gets a daughter. But the problem is he keeps getting sons. After a lot of effort he gets a daughter and slowly becomes more and more important in politics finally becoming a MP. His sons are kept like servants in his house and he spoils his daughter Subbi who becomes powerful and arrogant.

DK (Prem) is studying in the same college as Subbi and has failed 9 times already. He has some problems with Shive Gowda and keeps insulting him at every stages and because of this DK and Subbi have some small fights. DK puts a dummy candidate to contest elections against Shive Gowda and this makes Subbi angry and she challenges him. From here their relationship grows….