Dubai Babu (2009)

Year: 2009
Directed by: Naganna
Starring: Upendra, Nikita Thukral, Kumar Govind, Saloni Aswani

Vasundhara (Nikita) works in Bengaluru as an RJ in a radio station and has a show called Chat with Vasu. She lives with her father and is constantly harassed by her uncle who is a corrupt police inspector. The uncle has been hoping to get married to her and keeps coming to their house to remind her of their future marriage. Though her father keeps making excuses to delay the wedding he is actually scared of the uncle and worried about Vasundhara’s safety. Meanwhile Babu (Upendra) returns from Mumbai to the city but is pretending to be coming from Dubai. He cons his relatives saying he has a good job in Dubai and is making lots of money. He has actually come to the city to find Vasundhara whom he knew in Mumbai and who had suddenly one day left for Bengaluru. He goes to the radio station and meets Vasundhara who is shocked when she sees him but because the live show is running, she pretends he is a guest. So what is the history between the two and why did Babu who is so crazy about money and earning in Dubai end up in Mumbai and what are his plans in Bengaluru forms the rest of the movie.