Ekangi (2002)

Year: 2002
Directed by: Ravichandran
Starring: Ravichandran, Ramya Krishnan, Prakash Raj, Vanitha Vasu, Ramesh Bhat, Sadhu Kokila

Ekangi was an ambitious film by Ravichandran that won critics respect but didn’t do well commercially. He spent 80 lakh in 2002 just to build the glass house in which the movie is set.

Crazy Star Ravichandran plays a crazy character who lives in a glass house. Outside the gate are signs “Leave me alone” and “Beware of me”. He likes to be alone and doesn’t tolerate anyone entering his private house. Once when some children playing cricket try to enter his house to get the ball, he shoots at them. He doesn’t like to have contact with anyone and only cares about his son.

He has his own rules about how to live and society and encourages his son to live the same way. For example during the school sports day, his son is taking part in a race and about to win but another boy pushes him and wins. Instead of consoling his son he asks him to take the cup by force from the other boy. On the way back home in the car when his son asks him which is the clutch and brake he makes the small boy drive the car so he can learn on his own!

Into this crazy and strange world enters Ramya Krishnan….