Gaana Bajaana (2010)

Year: 2010
Directed by: Prashanth Raj
Starring: Radhika Pandit, Tarun Chandra, Dilip Raj, Sharan

Radhe is a dancer who is a big fan of action movies especially gangster films. She dreams of marrying a rowdy type character and likes Kuttu who belongs to a rowdy family. Though she tries to be friendly with him, Kuttu prefers hanging out with his criminal friends.

Radhe’s parents are fond of her and arrange a trip to the United States as a vacation. But when Radhe gets there, she finds out that they are planning to arrange her marriage with a boy there Krish. The wedding plans to back to their grandfather’s times and has been planned for many years. Radhe is confused and shocked and meets Krish to explain the situation and get his cooperation in breaking the proposal. But when she meets him, she realizes that he already likes her and is determined to marry her. He is a good dancer and though this impresses her, Radhe’s mind is still on Kuttu back in India. Now she has to take a big decision regarding the future of her life and her choice of partner….