Gadibidi Hendthi (2009)

Year: 2009
Directed by: B Ramamurthy
Starring: Mohan, Savitha Nayak, Bank Janardhan

Aravind is an unmarried man whose parents are worried will never get married. He has a job and but believes marriage is not in his destiny. Other than the issue of marriage he has a good relationship with his parents. Once while at the temple he sees a young woman feeding a small child and tries to be friendly with her only to be chased away by her. A few weeks later, an office colleague of his who also does marriage broker work brings a marriage proposal for him.

When Aravind and his parents go to the girl’s house he is surprised to see the same girl, Indira he had seen at the temple. Thinking that they are trying to dupe him, he prepares to leave but the family explains that the child is a maid’s child. After this initial misunderstanding, the couple settle into a happy married life together but complications arise when Indira starts doubting Aravind….