Game For Love (2003)


Directed by: M D Sridhar
Starring: Meena, K Shivaram, Ganesh, Shivadhwaj, Bhavya, Mukjyamanthri Chandru

Game For Love stars Ganesh in a supporting role three years before his breakthrough in Mungaru Male.

Surya is the son of a rich man who is only obsessed with making money. When Surya was small, his mother left the family and went after a rich man. Since then, Surya’s father became only focused on building up his business and is now the owner of many companies. But he neglected to give care to his son and Surya grows up missing love in his life. Surya has a gang of friends, including Ganesh, who are unemployed and only like to roam around. The gang of friends are very close and enjoy a lot together.

Amritha (Meena) is a good student in college and wins every competition she participates in. From childhood she has a problem with her elder brother after he stole a geometry box and put the blame on her. Now Amritha is in college and takes part in debate competitions regularly. During one such debate competition , Surya and his friends see her speech and are very impressed by her….