Ganeshana Maduve (1990)

Year: 1990
Directed by: H.S. Phani Ramachandra
Starring: Anant Nag, Vinaya Prasad, Mukhyamantri Chandru, Ramesh Bhat, Vaishali Kasaravalli, Shivaram, M. S. Umesh, Sathyabhama, Anjali Sudhakar

Ganeshana Maduve is one of the most famous comedy movies in Kannada cinema and stars Anant Nag as Ganesha who lives with a number of different types of characters in a housing complex. There are bachelors, couples and families each with their own style and unique outlook but all of them have one common enemy, the house owner Ramanamurthy. Ramanamurthy lives with his wife Kanaka Laksmhi and daughter Adi Lakshmi and is notorious for being a rude and miserly landlord. He is very strict and bossy and bullies everyone who stays there. In the complex there are limited facilities like water and Ramanamurthy is always finding different ways to irritate the tenants like playing loud music early in the morning to wake everyone. All the tenants complain to Ganesha who lives with his friend Shastri (Ramesh Bhat) because they feel Ganesha is the only one who can teach Ramanamurthy a lesson.