Geetha Bangle Store (2015)

Year: 2015
Directed by: Manjumithra
Starring: Pramod, Sushmitha, Achyuth Kumar, Vinaya Prasad, Mandya Ramesh

Veera is a young hardworking boy who lives in a small village. He is the only support for his mother because his father is a drunkard and always angry with everyone. Veera is loved by his mother and is known in his village for being good-natured and helpful to those in need. Geetha meanwhile works with her mother in the village selling bangles. Veera meets Geetha while selecting bangles for someone he is helping and the two develop an attraction for each other. They also study in the same college and soon become friends.

One day, Geetha’s mother’s shop is removed because the road is being widened. Veera then comes to their help and sets up a new shop for them called Geetha Bangle Stores. This causes complications among the villagers as they are suspicious about Veera and Geetha’s relationship.