Goa (2015)

Year: 2015
Directed by: Surya
Starring: Komal Kumar, Tarun Chandra, Srikanth, Sharmiela Mandre, Sonu Gowda, Raichel Wise, Ashok, Ramesh Bhat, Bullet Prakash. Spl Appearance: Nayantara

Komal, Tarun and Srikanth are three friends living in Vajarahalli village. Komal has been offered by his parents from birth to the village temple and works there, Tarun is the rich son of the village leader and Srikanth’s father is a ex-military man. The three friends regularly get into trouble because of small mistakes which are considered big by the villagers who say they are breaking the customs and traditions. The friends are accused of wanting to watch ‘scenes’ in English movies and so are ordered to never talk to each other again. Frustrated with their parents and the villagers, the three friends decide to run away to Bengaluru after stealing some money from the temple.

Meantime there is a trouble maker who decides to steal the temple jewelry and put it on them. When the friends reach Bengaluru they go to stay with an old friend but are shocked when they see his marriage is taking place to a foreigner whom he met while working as a guide in Goa. They feel inspired and jealous that there is nothing good in their lives and are filled with full josh to go to Goa where they believe their destiny will be changed…