Gulabi Talkies (2008)


Directed by: Girish Kasaravalli
Starring: Umashree, M D Pallavi, K G Krishnamurthy, Ashok Sandeep

Umashree won the National Award for Best Actress in Gulabi Talkies.

Gulabi is a Muslim woman living in coastal Karnataka in Kundapura. Her husband has abandoned her and is living with his second wife and son. Gulabi likes the small boy and tries visiting him with gifts but is treated badly by her husband and chased away.

Gulabi’s passion is cinema. She saves up money wherever possible so she can watch movies in the local talkies. She is famous in the village for being an expert midwife who can deliver even the most complicated pregnancy cases. One day she saves a woman and child during a complicated delivery and so the family gifts her a TV and a cable-tv dish. Gulabi’s dish tv becomes an attraction for the locals but some people don’t like to visit her house because of Hindu-Muslim problems.

When religious tension spreads throughout India, Gulabi begins to face issues because of her religion and independent attitude.