Gultoo (2018)

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Year: 2018
Directed by: Janardhan Chikkanna
Starring: Naveen Shankar, Sonu Gowda, Rangayana Raghu, Pawan Kumar, Avinash

The Police are investigating a murder and have arrested Alok but he is not revealing anything. In a flashback it is explained that Alok is an orphan who grew up in a ashram. He joins an engineering college and during the ragging the seniors ask him to demonstrate a sex scene. When Alok refuses they ask him to book tickets for them. He goes to his room and hacks a ticket booking website which brings him a lot of fame in college as a computer expert. He decides not to attend campus interviews and start his own business. His friend joins him and the two stay together. 3 years later, Alok is teaching in a Computer Institute while working part-time at a coffee shop. At the institute he meets Pooja (Sonu Gowda) and the two become close. What has Alok been doing with his computer expertise forms the rest of the plot….