Gundragovi (2010)

Directed by: M G Tharesh Raj
Starring: Sathya, Navyashree, Sharath Lohithashwa, Ninasam Ashwath, Rohith, Gopalakrishna, Mahesh

Sathya and his friends live in a village and spend their days drinking. At night they steal from the villagers to finance their drinking habits. The villagers are tired of their thefts but don’t take it very seriously because the gang is also helpful to people. One night, while trying to steal from a house, Sathya meets Navyashree who does not show any fear of him.

A few days later while walking drunk through the village, Sathya finds a small baby crying. Feeling sorry for it, he picks it up but does not know what to do with it. At that time, Navyashree and her friends are walking by and so he forces the child into her hands and runs away from there. Navyashree’s friends advise her to leave the child in the fields because they say people will have doubts about the child belonging to the unmarried Navyashree. But when she hears it crying, Navyashree doesn’t feel like abandoning it. She hears the same complaints from her mother when she brings it home and so one night she goes to Sathya’s house and leaves the child there.

The small and helpless child soon becomes a reason for Sathya and Navyashree to get close to each other because of their feelings of kindness for it. But how will an unmarried couple take care of a child?