Haalu Jenu (1982) w.Subtitles

Year: 1982
Directed by: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Starring: Rajkumar, Madhavi, Roopa, Thoogudeepa Srinivas, Shivaram, Musuri Krishnamurthy, Shakthi Prasad

Rangaswamy (Rajkumar) works in an office and is always making up different excuses to take leave. His boss is tired of his excuses and keeps shouting at him but always is sympathetic to him because he knows Ranga’s unfortunate circumstances. Ranga’s wife Madhavi is suffering from cancer and is in the hospital in a different town and Ranga always wants to be by her side.

Despite the troubles in his life, Ranga is an optimistic person and tries to make sure that Madhavi and her friends in the hospital are always laughing by playing pranks or cracking jokes. He tries to not take any of the problems he faces like rent issues or other money problems seriously and always believes something will come up to solve his problems.

Ranga’s childhood friend is a doctor at the hospital and suggest that they try a new treatment technique. Ranga asks him to go ahead despite the high costs of the treatment. Now Ranga has to think of how he can make the Rs 3000 needed for the treatment…