Hai Chinnu (2005)

Directed by: M Shivaji Rao Ghorpade
Starring: Nithin, Mohini Patel, Srinath, Jai Jagadish, Chithra Shenoy, Bank Janardhan

Chinnu is studying in college and the son of the PA to a politician (Srinath). Chinnu is not very interested in studies and likes spending time with his friends. He also sorts out problems in college. Like once when a rowdy had stopped students from attending classes after he was suspended, Chinnu steps in to clear the rowdy and gang from the campus.

Normally Chinnu and his father always argue because he refuses to do any jobs given to him by his father. One day, Srinath’s daughter returns from abroad after completing her education. Chinnu is given the job of bringing mangoes from their village for Srinath’s daughter. He agrees because his father is busy with a political meeting. When he arrives, he sees Srinath’s daughter and immediately likes her. He spends the next few days dreaming about her and tells his friends to help him meet her again.

So when Chinnu’s father tells him that Srinath is hosting a birthday party for his daughter, Chinnu offers to help with the arrangements and plans to use the opportunity to impress her…