Honeymoon Secret (1999)

Directed by: SP Gopinath
Starring: Rajmohan, Sonia, Anitha, Shama
A resort manager is getting ready to welcome a regular guest from abroad, Linda. She is a special customer and the staff are instructed to take good care of her. Meanwhile, four other couples also come to the same resort to spend their honeymoon. All of them have different backgrounds but have one thing in common – to enjoy their honeymoon away from the tensions at home. For one couple, the girl is always thinking about the dowry her father gave and how she can spend it to enjoy, while her husband tries to save the dowry money. In another couple, it’s the second marriage for the husband and he is more interested in eating. There is another couple where the girl is from a poor family and has married a rich man, but feels that her father-in-law is ashamed of her. One thing all the men have in common is that they are all interested in Linda as much or more than their own newly married wives ….