Huccha 2 (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Om Prakash Rao
Starring: Krishna, Sai Kumar, Malavika Avinash, Shravya, Avinash

Sharadamma lives alone with her son Ram in a small town called Kargal near Sagara. They both care for each other a lot. Sharada teaches at the local college and her principal feels Ram is growing up to become a rowdy and advises Sharada that she is spoiling him by showing so much love. Ram does poojas for his mother and can’t bear any insult against her. Once he beats up some fellows who dared to insult her while playing a match. In this setup, one day some children playing cricket see blood on the steps of Sharada’s house. When the police led by Avinash come to investigate they find the dead bodies of Ram and Sharada and the house is locked from inside. When they further investigate they find Ram is not dead and has a murder weapon in his hand. They immediately suspect him to be the killer and take him into custody. Even the villagers believe he killed her and are shocked because of the mother-son relationship that everyone knew about. How did this situation happen and what is the story leading up to Sharada’s death? The police investigations headed by Sai Kumar try to find this out.