Huli (2010)

Year: 2010
Directed by: Om Prakash Rao
Starring: Kishore, Jennifer Kotwal, Shobhraj, Swasthik Shankar, Adi Lokesh, Prem, Srinivasamurthy, Avinash

The Police Commissioner of Mysore is going to retire soon. Before he retires, he wants to solve the criminal problems in Mysore and so a famous Circle Inspector of Police (Kishore) is appointed. Kishore is famous for being no-nonsense and not sparing any criminal even if they are powerful with political contacts.

Shobhraj is a Minister and rowdy whose family runs the city as if it is their own family property. Politicians regularly come to his house begging for election tickets and the police refuse to take any complaints against him. When Kishore comes to his station for the first time he sees a woman sitting outside with a dead body. Upon enquiring he finds out that the body is her brother’s and the police are refusing to investigate his death. He assures her of justice and finds out that Shobhraj had a role to play in the young man’s death. He arrests Shobhraj who is shocked at Kishore’s guts. Since Shobhraj was not directly responsible for the death he escapes with a fine but he warns Kishore that he will take revenge on him for his behavior…

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