Huliya Halina Mevu (1979) w.Subtitles


Directed by: Vijay
Starring: Rajkumar, Jayaprada, Jayachithra, M P Shankar, T N Balakrishna, Thoogudeepa Srinivas, Tiger Prabhakar, Sampath, Vajramuni

Chengumani (Rajkumar) is grazing his cows when he hears the sound of a tiger attacking someone. Without thinking twice, he runs in the direction of the sound and fights the tiger and kills it. He then realizes that the person it had attacked was the king. The king is impressed by Chengumani’s bravery and gives him a reward and invites him to come to his palace the next day. The king is also angry with his bodyguards (headed by Prabhakar) and insults them for not arriving in time to save him. This displeases them and they look at Chengumani as a threat to their status.

When Chengumani proudly tells his widowed mother about his experiences with the king, she is thrilled but also sad because Chengumani’s father had died fighting a tiger many years back. When Chengumani goes to the palace the next day, he has more surprises and rewards waiting for him…