I Dash You (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Keshav Chandu
Starring: Pramod, Lucky, Kalyani, Suvarna, Rockline Sudhakar

Krishna has been delivering papers from when he was small. He started smoking at a young age and so is called Bijli Krishna by his friends. Now as a young man he works for Linga Devru who has a newspaper business and is also into real estate deals. Linga is a bachelor whose main aim is to get his nephew married off.

Krishna spends most of his time working and hanging out with friends at a tea stall. One day when a customer refuses to pay the newspaper bill, Krishna goes to inquire. There he meets Suvarna who complains that they have been delivering the wrong papers. When Krishna clarifies the issue she feels silly and after that whenever she sees Krishna she smiles at him. Krishna also slowly starts liking her and when she comes one day to his office and delivers homemade puliyogere, his interest increases. But this is just the beginning and the future is not going to be so simple as things get complicated in everyone’s lives…