Jana Gana Mana (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Shashikanth Anekal
Starring: Ayesha Habib, Ravi Kale

Ayesha Habib has the title, ‘Lady Bruce Lee’ because of her action movies and stunts. She has a black belt in martial arts in real life. In Jana Gana Mana she plays Jhansi, an honest IPS officer.

Jana Gana Mana begins with the criminal activities of Neelakanta (Ravi Kale) who terrorizes anyone who crosses his path. Among many crimes he is also responsible for the murder of the family of a respected classical musician and Padmashri winner due to a property dispute. A new case against Neelakanta has come up and the people of Chitradurga have gone on strike asking for the CBI to take up the case because they have lost faith in the police of the area. There is political pressure to solve the problem and people are threatening to commit suicide. The Home Minister decides to not give the case to the CBI and instead asks his Police Chief to handle it. But when the Chief asks his officers to take the case, they all refuse because of fear of Neelakanta and his ruthless gang. Finally an officer recommends the name of Jhansi (Ayesha) who is a fearless officer and IPS topper. She is also the daughter of a Major who was martyred on the Indian border fighting terrorists. From there, Ayesha goes after criminal gangs while also having a romance angle.