Jayammana Maga (2013)

Year: 2013
Directed by: Vikas
Starring: Duniya Vijay, Rangayana Raghu, Dr Bharathi, Kalyani Raju, Raghav Uday

Jayammana Maga is a horror film with tantriks and black magic as the main theme. Naga (Duniya Vijay) is a young man living in a village. The village has a famous temple where people who are possessed by evil spirits and demons are exorcised and cured. His mother, Jayamma has already had trouble with black magicians in the area. Now they are on the prowl again for different reasons. The tantriks want some land to set up a bali peetha that they can use for sacrifices and their rituals. However, Jayamma wants to construct a temple there. In the meantime, a young woman comes to the temple to pray and Vijay falls in love with her. However, the evil tantrik head has different ideas when he sees her. He has been trying to save his father’s spirit which is trapped inside a doll. The tantrik believes that if he sacrifices an unmarried woman and Jayamma he will be able to save his father’s soul. Vijay now has double reasons to unleash his fury on the tantriks…