Jeevana Sandesha (1999)

Year: 1999
Directed by: Jaidevan
Starring: Lakshmiraj, Sribabi, Chikkanna, Nayak, Mala, Ashwini, Arasikere Raju, Papanna

It was originally titled as Yavvanada Sandesha but changed to Jeevanada Sandesha and again to Jeevana Sandesha at the time of release.

Jeevana Sandesha is a short movie with a social theme about health. It runs for less than 1 hour. Rathi and Vijay are a couple in love and always spend time together. Vijay is a writer and is suffering from some health problems which he keeps secret from Rathi. Rathi is deeply in love and constantly puts pressure on him to get married and start a new life together. But Vijay keeps making excuses like lying that he has to a ceremony in his village for his father. Finally, when the doctor reveals the truth to Vijay, he is shocked and is left with a dilemma about whether to tell Rathi about his health problem or not. The doctor too on his part is also confused about what Vijay should do in his future life. How will Rathi react and what are other complications that arise forms the rest of the plot…