Jolly Days (2009) w.Subs

Year: 2009
Directed by: M D Sridhar
Starring: Pradeep Bogadi, Aishwarya Nag, Vishwas, Ranjan, Praveen, Spoorthi, Ruthuva, Keerthi, Ruthika

Jolly Days is an engineering college story set in Bengaluru in 2009. It begins with the first day of college at AIT where four boys and four girls join 1st year batch of Mechanical Engineering at AIT Engineering college. They are all excited to join college and not so worried compared to their families and parents who are more tense about it. Each of them comes from different family backgrounds. Some are rich and some of them are normal middle class. Some are the children of powerful people others are children of ordinary parents. But they all become friends on the first day itself after they meet during the Fresher’s orientation program and also during ragging by the seniors. The ragging unites them and they become closer. Their main focus initially is smaller goals like how to teach a bullying senior a lesson or how to study well so that they can get branch change to Computer Science, but eventually their interests change with every year. Jolly Days is about the 4 years of Engineering and the friends you make and also about how each person thinks differently about their future and what their ambition in life is.

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