Jugaari (2010)

Year: 2010
Directed by: S D Aravind
Starring: Avinash Diwakar, Harshika Poonacha, Achyuth Kumar, Tabla Nani, Avinash, Girija Lokesh

Shankar is a teenager who likes to enjoy hanging out with his friends and is not interested in studies. On the exam result day, he finds out he has failed again. Upset about this, he joins his friends in a bar and starts drinking heavily. One of his friends talks badly about a girl they know and in a fit of anger Shankar smashes a beer bottle on his head which ends up killing him.

Shankar is soon arrested and charged with murder. A local lawyer promises to help him and reduce his sentence but asks for a huge amount of money. Shankar’s teacher and mother try their best to arrange the money and in the process sell their house and property. But on the day of judgement, Shankar is sentenced to 14 years in jail. His mother goes into depression as Shankar is taken away.

In jail, he becomes friends with a rowdy and saves him on one occasion from a rival gang who attack them. Shankar comes from a place called Bylaa and by accident Shankar’s name is one day erased from the police record leaving only Bylaa. He soon becomes famous as Bylaw in jail and is accepted into the gang inside the jail. His mother tries to meet him but can’t find him because he has been transferred to Tumkur jail and also because of the name change.

Finally, he is released from jail but when he returns to his area he finds everything has changed in the last 14 years and all the buildings look different. he finds an old friend and starts working in his raddi shop. His mother is now living in an ashram for old people and has completely lost her memory and mind. Bylaw then decides to start afresh but has plans for the people who harmed his family in the past…