Just Maath Maathalli (2010)

Year: 2010
Directed by: Sudeep
Starring: Sudeep, Ramya, Rajesh, MG Srinivas

Siddarth (Sudeep) is at the airport ready to board a plane to Singapore where he says he is going to meet his destiny. A movie script writer notices him and takes a seat on the plane next to him and insists on chatting with him. He convinces Siddharth to tell him his life story saying he feels it must have been an interesting life. Finally Siddharth agrees and we see his life in flashback.

Siddarth is standing near a suicide point and looking down when Tanu (Ramya) comes there with his friends and blasts him for trying to kill himself. Later she sees him near a lake about to enter it and again shouts at him and gives him a lecture on life. Again, a little later when he is drinking tea at a stall she confronts him when she sees him adding some tablets into his tea. By now, Siddarth is irritated with her and tells her to mind her business and explains that he was never trying to commit suicide. At the point he was just looking at the depth of the point, at the lake he wanted to put his feet in the cold water and at the stall he was adding sugarfree to his tea.

Later the two meet at a railway station platform when Tanu misses her train and is attacked by a beggar….